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Custom Concert Tours

Musica Mundi has created custom concert tours in over 45 countries spanning 5 continents, from most countries in Europe, Eastern Europe, including Russia, and Great Britain and Scandinavia; to China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia in Asia; to Peru, Brazil and Argentina in South America; to Australia and New Zealand 'Down Under' — finely tuned concert tours that make a difference!

Please with your specific request for your custom concert touring needs and you will be provided with a detailed itinerary and quote.

Services & Special Features

• musical integrity comes first
• worldwide travel and concert knowledge through experience
• customized services and arrangements
• professional concert tours at fair rates
• cultural exchange
• connections with educational ensembles worldwide
• cathedral, concert hall, festival venues
• official invitations and receptions
• concert tour promotion
         presentation packages
         local public invitations
         concert programs
• experienced tour manager
• detailed ensemble itinerary and trip journal
• educational packets
          suggested reading lists
          site historicals
          health guide and packing tips
• organizational support
          fundraising tools
          corporate sponsorship avenues
          time line and check list
• fully integrated communication/computer system,
   electronic mail, fax, on- line and courier services
• passport /visa advice
• owner operated

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