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Since the inauguration of the Tuscany International Children's Chorus Festival in 1995 with Jean Ashworth Bartle at the "baton," Musica Mundi's reputation for providing a truly international world-class children's chorus festival has grown to become the standard by which all other festivals are measured. Along with providing a well organized and detail oriented experience in the magnificent setting of Tuscany, what sets Musica Mundi's Festival apart from others is the high quality of the literature selected for the one hour-long Gala Concert with the Festival Orchestra bringing hundreds of children together as they gain new insights as young choral musicians.

In addition to the Copenhagen International Children’s Chorus Festival Musica Mundi inaugurated the Festival Internacional de Coro de Niños en México in 2009 using the same incredibly successful formula as the Tuscany Festival.

Musica Mundi now invites you to glean the highlights of these Festivals in the following pages and learn about our Custom Tours.