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Directors "sing" praises for Musica Mundi

"On a scale of 1 to 10, the Tuscany International Children's Chorus Festival is an 11! Not only does Musica Mundi brilliantly organize festivals and custom concert tours, they also show a deep concern for the comfort, safety and well-being of every tour participant."

Jean Ashworth Bartle, Director, Toronto Children's Chorus,
and acclaimed Guest Conductor/Clinician

"Musically, culturally, socially, educationally, aesthetically and physically — every detail of the Tuscany International Children's Chorus Festival was a phenomenal success."

Henry Leck, Director, Indianapolis Children's Chorus,
and esteemed Guest Conductor/Clinician

"As a participating director in 1999 in this extraordinary festival, I am delighted to return as Conductor in 2005."

Joan Gregoryk, Founder,
Children's Chorus of Washington

"I look forward to often returning as guest conductor to the extremely successful and the fantastically well organized Tuscany International Children's Chorus Festival."

Doreen Rao, renowned Guest Conductor/Clinician

"This was a true 'festival' in every sense of the word . . . Musica Mundi more than satisfied all my desires . . . This was the best tour we have ever experienced."

Katherine Plank
Oberlin Choristers

"May I offer sincere appreciation for all the hours of creative thoughts that crystallized during our participation in the Tuscany International Children's Chorus Festival. You are to be congratulated!" Barbara Clark, Director, The Central Choir of Ottawa "We had a fabulous time . . . a highlight was watching the choristers sing with such intensity, skill and joy in the massed concerts . . . all the festival arrangements were first class."

Glenda Crawford
The Oakville Children's Choir

"There are no words to adequately say thank you for your professionalism for all concert arrangements on our tour of Italy. You run a superior operation."

Jerri Foster
Albuquerque Women's Choral Ensemble

"Congratulations, Musica Mundi, for an experience that captured the Italian culture through the pageantry, beautiful concert venues, good music, good food and warm people."

Signe Boyer
Cantabile Children's Chorus

"From the Opening Ceremonies to the last notes sung in St. Peter's, every step of the tour was tremendously rewarding . . . You have created a wonderful festival with fine attention to detail."

Tamara Schupman,
Spokane Area Children's Chorus

"My choristers were unanimous in their praise of your organization and the musical experiences in which they participated."

Marcene Camp Jardine
Ventura Master Chorale Children's Concert Choir

"The Tuscany International Children's Chorus Festival afforded my singers new friendships, shared musical experiences, emotional peak experiences and levels of choral excellence never before experienced."

John Fleischman, Jr.
Western New York Children's Chorus

"Of our past eight tours, this tour to the United Kingdom has to rank as one of the very best. From the very beginning to the end we were extremely pleased with the organization and promotion of our concerts, not to mention the thrilling sights, the outstanding hotels and meals. We hope in the not-too-distant future to be working with you again."

Harry Carter,
San Francisco Bay Area Chamber Choir

"Thank you, Musica Mundi, for this wonderful experience. You attended to every detail in a professional and well-organized way. I would do this festival again in a heartbeat!! Thank you, thank you. Bravo! Bravissimi, tutti!"

Kay Asay
Utah Children's Choir


"We sincerely thank you for the professional level of your organization of the Tuscany International Children's Chorus Festival. It was a pleasure to work with you, and we congratulate you on your passion for arranging musical events and your joy of listening to music."

Renata Szerafin-Wojtowicz
Children's Choir of Torun Music School, Poland

"The Musica Mundi experience was a dream come true for us . . . we were privileged to be able to form an 'international choir' with the other very talented choirs participating in the 6th Tuscany International Children's Chorus Festival."

Sister Lorette Gallant
Les Jeunes Chanteurs d'Acadie

"The Tuscany International Children's Chorus Festival musical performances were "mountaintop" experiences for our singers! — and the festival experience was so educational for them. They learned more than music and saw more than art and cathedrals — the world has become a friend to them. See you in Copenhagen!"

Sharon Augsburger, Co-Director,
Red Rose Children's Chorus of Lake County

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